Call for Papers

The Conference on Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Algorithms takes place between November 21 and 23, 2019. The Conference will take place at the Ito Campus of Kyushu University (Fukuoka, Japan). This conference aims to bring together researchers from diverse fields in order to deepen our understanding of the meaning and effects of algorithms, and to think about how business, regulators and ordinary people can best respond to this fast-changing digital reality. The conference will be structured around a number of key themes. Each theme is designed to provide a platform for multiple disciplinary perspectives on diverse issues associated with the rise of algorithms:


Security, Privacy, Transparency


Human-Machine Identities & Interfacing

Social Inclusion/Exclusion



The Future?

Submission of Paper Proposals

The organizing committee will review abstracts related to the regulation of algorithms. Joint submissions are possible. Only one abstract per author will be considered.

Selection criteria are:

  • Originality and innovativeness of the work

  • Relevance to the theme

  • Geographical and gender balance

Abstracts must be submitted via the conference website on the following page: 



The following information must be provided with each abstract:

  • The author’s name

  • The author's affiliation

  • A small biography (maximum 250 words) 

  • An abstract (maximum 500 words)


  • The deadline for submission of abstracts is

1 July 2019

  • Successful applicants will be informed no later than

1 September 2019

  • The deadline for submission of full papers

15 October 2019

  • The conference begins on Thursday 21 November and ends on Saturday 23 November 2019

  • The deadline for submission of final papers for publication is 31 January 2020